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For anxiety patients

Stress-free dental treatment with nitrous oxide

For many patients, visiting the dentist is uncomfortable and stressful. If you feel the same way, we offer you a modern and risk-free method with nitrous oxide sedation. The treatment has a calming and relaxing effect.

You can come to our practice as an adult without an accompanying person.

If the effect of the nitrous oxide has started, the anesthetic injection is perceived to be greatly reduced.

Lachgasbehandlung beim Zahnarzt

Nitrous oxide treatment at the dentist - How does nitrous oxide work?

The mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is administered through a nasal mask. The effect sets in after just a few breaths and is accompanied by a feeling of lightness and relaxation. Fear and tension give way to a feeling of security and the treatment time is perceived to be much shorter.

The effect of nitrous oxide is completely eliminated within 5-10 minutes after the treatment and you can usually leave the practice without an accompanying person.

Important: However, you should not drive a motor vehicle immediately after the treatment, as the treatment may reduce your ability to react.

What do you feel?

• Feeling warm

• Feeling light and timeless

Not everyone enjoys the treatment with nitrous oxide. If you feel unwell, you can breathe through your mouth at any time to interrupt the treatment. Then ask the dentist to stop the sedation.

With a pronounced gag reflex, the nitrous oxide treatment makes sense, since it can suppress it. It's not like anesthesia because you stay awake and in full control.

Nitrous oxide is suitable for almost everyone.

Important to know

• If possible, do not eat or drink for 2 hours before the treatment.

• Please let us know about any medication you are currently taking.

• Please visit the toilet again before the treatment.


For further questions we are happy to help you!

Your dentist and practice team

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